Paying employees to volunteer for community service has proven to be a bonus not only for the company but also for the employees’ personal sense of accomplishment. An emphasis on giving back is an important function of a company that wants to show its support for championing local issues, charities, and organizations.

A business can invite employees to participate in many different events including fundraisers, festivals, arts and craft fairs, races, garden and homeowners shows, and other causes close to the hearts of the team members as part of their benefits package.

Team members might also benefit from the creation of a Community Day. Community Days give them the opportunity to take a work day and volunteer for a cause that is meaningful to them, and gives them a chance to give back to their community.

Encouraging Participation
Since many people just don’t know how to get involved or how to decide on which cause or charity to support, the employer may have to go a step further and create an effective and invigorating program that will inspire and guide the employees to get involved in and make community service a regular and meaningful part of their lives. Special meetings can be held to share photos, short speeches and resources from others who can enthusiastically recommend similar opportunities in the local area.

Employees can also be matched to a volunteer opportunity depending on what type of causes interest them. They would then be presented with a list with names, what the aims are of the causes or charities, dates and locations of meetings, where to go to apply, links, and, if necessary, an offer to help make arrangements.

How does a Community Day increase business success?
Such a program would get employees out into the community and give a presence to the company they work for. They should then be able to return to the office with renewed energy and vigor, how they connected with a cause and with other employees, share stories about their experiences, and more. A highlight is that doing so creates happier individuals not only personally but at work, also.

When employees share how they are using their Community Days to make a difference, that tends to make the entire team realize that they and the company are doing their part to make this world a better place.