Many people feel the need to help others. They have good intentions and want to volunteer, but they don’t know where to start. If you like to give time to others, there are many places that could use help this summer.

When looking for volunteer opportunities, look at home first. The elderly often don’t like to ask for help, but many assume that they would speak up when in need of assistance. Elderly parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents often are embarrassed about isolation, loneliness or infirmity. That’s why it’s important to regularly set time aside to help them with chores and involve them in the lives of their families.

Animal Shelters
For anyone who loves pets, volunteering for animal shelters is the way to go. This does not necessarily involve cleaning cages. Volunteering for an animal shelter can involve socializing with pets, walking dogs, helping with adoption counseling, fostering pets and helping with administrative tasks.

Teachers are often stressed, disheartened and overworked. That’s why they desperately welcome any help they can get. Volunteering at a school also sets a good example. Opportunities for helping out include chaperoning, supervising outdoor activities, reading to students and cleaning up the school grounds.

For anyone who loves zoos, art galleries, universities, museums, aquariums or presidential libraries, volunteering as a docent is an option. This works well for outgoing people who want to socialize. Since training is normally included, just bring your enthusiasm, passion, flexibility and patience.

Many adults complain about kids who hang out on the street with nothing to do. Playing sports teaches them responsibility and teamwork, but it’s also about having fun and gaining physical fitness. However, there aren’t sufficient assistants or coaches in many sports to provide this as an avenue. That’s why coaching a team helps kids get off the street, and it’s a satisfying volunteering opportunity.

Since knowledge is power, tutoring people can help change their lives. Tutoring doesn’t just apply to children. Additionally, the academic subjects don’t just include language, math and science. Tutors are needed for life skills as well. Since many people need to learn about computers, sewing, home repairs and cooking, check with a local library for volunteering options in these fields.