One of the greatest things you can do in your life is volunteering your time by helping out an organization or people in your community. Find something you are passionate about, and we’re not just talking about volunteering at a soup kitchen. Some communities need more than that. They need people with a green thumb to help with a community garden or carpenters and painters to help revitalize an old building. Find a local organization that does work for your local community whether it is your town or your district.

There are many organizations out there that offer a variety of ways for people to get involved. Some organizations, such as Spark Makerspace, has a dozen plus ways for people to volunteer their time, like making T-Shirts to help raise funds for the local LGBTQ community or hosting a class on building a tiny house which was donated to a refugee family in need.

Churches are another place which needs volunteers. Not all of them require you to be a member of their flock either. They aren’t always about promoting God or the Bible; some are more involved in rebuilding their communities.

It’s important to find a group of people who are very compassionate about their work, as well as finding a cause that interests you. Volunteering at an organization that has workers who dislike their job makes the culture of the organization as a whole decline. Plus, it can be difficult offering free time to something you have no interest in.

You’d be surprised how many communities need help with small landscaping cutting back overgrowth or the old houses needing paint job which the town can’t afford. You could find a group of technologically inclined people who can help set up a community center so people can get access to the internet.

Once you find a group you like it’s important to stay committed, but don’t overburden yourself. You don’t need to volunteer 30 hours a month, a few hours a week would be more than enough to help your community out. Find your cause, find your group, and find your balance, and let the fun begin!