Stephen’s Image Gallery

It’s no question that Stephen Geri puts his family first. At the heart of his passion lies his love for his grandchildren. Here are a few precious moments captured by the camera of Stephen and his family.

When Stephen isn’t tending to his career at DEBS Insurance and working closely with his clients, you can find him enjoying time with his grandchildren.

Some of his most favorite times are taking the grandchildren fishing in the great outdoors. He also enjoys spoiling them with gifts they’ve earned from their great education achievements.

When Stephen’s grandson graduated high school, his gift was a new car for college. His grandson received an excellent scholarship for his gift in music, specially playing the saxophone.

Stephen Geri is extremely proud of his grandchildren and all that they’ve accomplished. Having a true family bond is a vital part of Stephen’s life. A true family man, Stephen is thankful for the one he has.