Hosting a successful fundraising event requires more than simply selecting a venue and telling a few family and friends. Knowing how to excite attendees and entice them to contribute to your cause are key components to hosting any type of fundraiser, regardless of the cause.

Want to host an incredible fundraiser that will be sure to get people involved? The following tips will take your next event to the next level.

Consider the Location
Consider where you are planning to host your fundraiser event and the type of crowd you are expecting.
Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the area you are hosting receive weekend shopping traffic?
  • Are you likely to have traffic only from locals?
  • Is the fundraiser going to be hosted indoors or outside?
  • Will there be other vendors to consider and contact?
  • What time of year is best to maximize the amount of traffic you will receive?

When you are able to take into account all aspects of the location you plan to host your fundraiser, selecting a date and launching a promotional campaign will give you a stronger foundation to the overall outline and functionality of the event.

Online Fundraising Options
With the rise of both mobile browsing and social media, online fundraising options are one way to reach an ever wider audience or demographic. Mobile shopping and donating is easier than ever and is now possible even with the use of social networks such as Facebook. Using online fundraising is also optimal for individuals who are interested in saving time but also seek motivating factors such as “feeling good” when selecting the fundraisers they choose to support.

Take advantage of motivated individuals who are interested in making a charitable donation but who are also interested in saving time and prefer to do so on-the-go with mobile fundraising and donation options.

Consistent Promotion
Use social media, an official website, and various online groups, message boards, and event pages to promote any fundraising event you are hosting. In addition to spreading the word to friends, family members, and co-workers, create updates, video media, and images for others to share in order to help maximize your online reach while you are in the process of promoting an upcoming fundraising event to ensure maximum traffic and donations.

Understanding how to launch and manage a good fundraising event is a way to ensure your fundraisers goes as smoothly as possible. The more active and engaged you are while planning and promoting your fundraiser, the easier it becomes to achieve any financial goals you have set for the date.