Donating to Charity

The idea of donations has become a blanket term, a hollow gesture that umbrellas a muddled confusion of what is right and wrong. Some people believe that donating is simply throwing money into a hat. Before we continue I want to establish the fact that donations are not simply based in currency. Donating means contributing, be it our time, our energy, and yes, sometimes even a few of our dollars.

stephen geri

There is a hesitance when it comes to donating to charity. There is a fear that large corporate organizations will cypher the money given to them, and filter said cash flow straight into their pockets. No one wants to feel like they’ve been played, especially when it comes to doing what they feel is right. Some people believe in a socio-economical darwinism, believe that charitable handouts only weaken the capitalistic agenda. It’s a heavy handed argument, slightly to the right, but even such has its own reasoning.

Although both of these avenues of thought can be explored, and dissected into moral and ethical opinion, we should not let negative instances outweigh the positive outcomes of donating to charity. Donating, and contributing to charitable organizations is a good thing.

Not only does it help the recipients of any given charity, but it also serves as a testament to the compassion of the human spirit. In moments of crisis, and natural disaster, when the unpredictable blows the top off a volcano in chile, or earthquakes ravage a village in Nepal – we are called upon to act. Not giving your time, or energy, or money does not make you a bad person by any means. It doesn’t mean that you lack compassion or that you’re oblivious to the world around you. It is your own choosing. However, the belief that giving to charity is wrong, is a poisonous thought, and an opinion I hope to sway. Especially when one has the privilege, or rather, opportunity, to choose whether or not to donate, the answer is simple. Here are a few benefits that come from charitable donations, be it time or money:

  1. It circulates money into an economy that needs to constantly have it’s revenue cogs turning.
  2. We have the ability, and resources to provide for those less fortunate
  3. Donations are tax-deductible, and benefits a companies image.
  4. Donating is contagious. When one person helps out, it inspires others to do the same.
  5. Even the smallest contributions can make large ripples.
  6. It brings a sense of self importance, and appreciation. It makes us feel good.
  7. It’s a step in the direction of where we want to be. A united people.
  8. It’s in our nature.

First Charity Post

Stephen is very active with community organizations in San Antonio, TX and beyond.  He posts frequently on happenings in the community and ways you can give back so check in again soon!