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One of the most rewarding and thoughtful things you can do is giving back to your community. With so many nonprofits out there, it can be hard to know which one to volunteer with or to donate to. If you live in Texas, you’re in luck because this state is filled with a number of incredible nonprofits. No matter what cause you care about, you’re bound to find an organization in Texas that works for that cause.

Here are a few of the best nonprofits in Texas:

1) Soldiers’ Angels

Located in San Antonio, Texas, Soldiers’ Angels works to provide aid and comfort to the men and women who serve in the U.S. Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, as well as their families. Soldiers’ Angels was founded by the mother of two American soldiers. This organization helps veterans as well as wounded and deployed personnel in a number of ways, providing individualized and immediate assistance. Volunteer “Angels” adopt individual deployed troops whom they are able to stay in touch with during their deployment.

2) Minnie’s Food Pantry

This nonprofit strives to combat the issue of hunger. Founded by Dr. Cheryl “Action” Jackson in honor of her mother, Minnie Hawthorne-Ewing D.D., this organization operates entirely on the funds of the people and the community. A number of larger corporations have gotten involved with Minnie’s Food Pantry. Volunteers have come from Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, and Fossil. Food has been contributed by Market Street, Wal-Mart and Pizza Hut. Located in Plano, Texas, Minnie’s Food Pantry provides several programs to meet the needs of the hungry people who walk through their doors. This organization has been featured on The Food Network documentary, Good Morning America, The Talk, The Ellen Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and Entertainment Tonight. This lauded organization is a wonderful place to volunteer or donate if you care about feeding the hungry.

3) In-Sync Exotic, Inc

In-Sync Exotics is dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected or unwanted exotic felines. This organization hopes to educate the public on the unique characteristics of the animals that live there and the irresponsible, and often illegal, nature of the ownership and captive breeding of exotic wild animals. This nonprofit organization also aims to inform people of the need to stronger legislation against those who abuse exotic wild animals. In-Sync Exotics also has a community outreach program which visits schools, churches and other organizations to spread their message. They also offer scheduled group tours of the sanctuary 7 days a week.

4) Miracle Foundation

Located in Austin, Texas, the Miracle Foundation works to change the lives of the world’s orphans by providing them with ways to help themselves. The Miracle Foundation’s proven and sustainable model is based upon the established 12 Rights of the Child. This organization puts this model into practice by giving purposeful employment to local people who need work. The Miracle Foundation also funds scholarships for education, transforms local orphanages into homes, and trains displaced women to become cherished mothers.

No matter what issues you strive to fix in the world, there is a nonprofit organization in Texas that aligns with your values. These organizations are making a huge impact on the world, and you can too by getting involved.